Are you looking for on-going empowerment education for your daughter in the wake of self-isolation?

Last month REALgirl announced the exciting launch of our first-ever ONLINE empowerment workshop series. Today, as  the global coronavirus pandemic continues to unfold and more and more communities are locking down and families are choosing to self-isolate, this online offering is more needed than ever before. 

As children across North America are forced to miss out on their group education, peer relationships, and opportunities for social connection, our upcoming online empowerment workshop series is designed to meet these three important needs among many others.

Introducing… ‘Empowered Girls, Empower Girls.’ 

 A REALgirl Empowerment Program Online Workshop Series 

‘Empowered Girls, Empower Girls’ is an online version of the acclaimed REALgirl Empowerment program, where a certified REALgirl Instructor will lead your daughter and a dynamic group of girls her age through a four-part workshop series focused on our most requested empowerment modules.

This workshop series will include four live REALgirl online group empowerment sessions. Workshops will also be recorded and available in playback form if participants cannot attend live.

The dates for the four sessions are March 26th, April 2nd, April 9th, and April16th. Workshops will run at 4:00- 5:30 PM MST (3:00- 4:30 PM PST).

For our pilot offering of this online workshop series, this will only be available for girls ages 9-11. If you are interested but your daughter is not in this age group, please email us ( so we can let you know of other age group offerings coming soon.

By participating in these workshops your daughter will:

  • Connect weekly with other girls her age to share ideas, questions, interests, and creativity in a supported and positive online platform
  • Begin the pivotal journey of self-discovery and self-love by working through powerful reflection activities and guided discussion
  • Develop ‘personal agency’ as she learns to see herself as the ‘author of her own story’ capable of setting and achieving short and long-term goals
  • Understand the importance of developing a healthy relationship with self as the cornerstone of creating healthy relationships with others
  • Develop the tools and knowledge needed to help her create healthy relationships with others, including building personal friendship criteria
  • Be inspired to be a global leader for girls and take action to create a better and safer world for girls through supported participation in our upcoming online fundraising campaign

 This is a limited time offering and spots are going fast! In the future, our online programs will be over $200 USD however, during these challenging times we wanted to make this pilot offering as accessible for our families as possible.

Therefore, we are offering this four-part online program at 75% OFF until Sunday, March 22nd at midnight, for only $40USD.
Prices will increase to $55 USD on Monday morning, March 23rd!

Over the course of four engaging and fun online workshops, we will be exploring four of REALgirl’s most requested and transformative modules:

  • Discovering Your REAL Self: AuthenticSelf-Discovery and Self-love
  • Creating Your Own Path: Personal Agency and Goal-Setting
  • Creating Healthy Relationships With Yourself and Others: Nurturing You and Navigating Friendships
  • Becoming A Global Leader: Supporting Other Girls Around The World

Exploration of each module will include:

  • Weekly interactive online workshops led by a certified REALgirl Instructor 
  • Accompanying worksheets to encourage reflection, personal identification, and deepened understanding of the information presented
  • One take-home art or reflection activity to further their understanding of the modular theme
  • Discussion and exploration questions and topics for guardians so they can continue to foster their daughter’s understanding of each module and be actively involved with her participation in the REALgirl online program
  • One ‘Empowerment Action’ that will encourage each participant to step up as a global leader for girls and take action to raise funds so girls living in poverty around the world, so they are also able to also participate in REALgirl’s transformational programs.

Take action in creating  a safer and more equitable world for girls!

Sign up your daughter or a special girl in your life for this empowerment and leadership online experience!