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Southern California Self-Defense Consultant, Tracy Macrum

Southern California Self-Defense Consultant, Tracy Macrum

Armed with a passion for personal power, Tracy Macrum has been studying self-defense for more than 20 years. In 2005, motivated by the steady rate of child annoyance incidents in her own small town of South Pasadena, she began to focus on the empowerment of girls. The mother of a 9 year-old daughter, Tracy has become determined to connect with as many girls as possible and inspire them to develop confidence, knowledge, skills and tools to identify, avoid and survive an attack. As she constantly reminds the girls she works with, ‘Empowered girls do not make good victims!’ Tracy’s instruction includes instinctive self-defense techniques from Krav Maga, a ‘do what works’ martial art that does not rely on strength or expertise. As the newest REALgirl® team member, she is excited to bring her approach and passion for empowerment to Anea Bogue’s vision and work with girls.

Southern California Movement and Dance Instructor, Khani Zulu

Khani Zulu is a Southern California Movement and Dance Instructor for REALgirl
Khani Zulu has been dancing since she was 4. As a child, she trained in gymnastics, jazz and ballet. She began teaching at age 14. This led her to tour the U.S. with the Stars of Tomorrow at age 17. She attended the University of Texas at Austin as a Modern dance major where she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance and performed with Jose Bustamante and Yakov Sharir of the Sharir Dance Company, and Lori Wilson of Tallulah Dance Company. After college, Khani was a member of the Andrea Ariel Dance Theatre and choreographed several musicals for The Planet Theatre in Austin, Tx. She was nominated “best choreographer” for her work on the musical “Lucifa” in 1997. Khani also directed her own modern dance company, Utopia, from 1993 to 1997 in Austin,TX. Khani has extensive background in Yoga, Pilates and Bellydance. She recently founded the Srishti Dance Co. and completed a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at Liberation Yoga. She is constantly seeking new ways to reach out to people, and especially girls and women, to teach and share how Yoga, dance, and movement can heal, transform, and connect us in ways we never thought possible! We are thrilled to have her incredible talent, wisdom and extensive training as part of the REALgirl experience!

Southern California Yoga Instructor, Bekah Finch

Bekah Finch is a Southern California Yoga Instructor for REALgirl
Bekah Turner has been practicing and teaching Yoga for the last decade. She has explored many styles and trained under multiple traditions but has always chosen to remain non-dogmatic in her path. Bekah studied Vinyasa Flow at the White Lotus Foundation, is a certified Relax & Renew Restorative teacher and is a graduate of the first “Off the Mat, into the World” yoga/activist training. In addition to continuing her Yogic studies, Bekah has followed a Shamanic path since 2003 and graduated from Lynn Andrews Center for Sacred Arts and Training in 2010. She is passionate about combining the ancient practices of Shamanism and Yoga to create balance and healing; particularly through the seasonal, lunar and female cycles. Her classes, workshops and gatherings are non-dogmatic and infused with humor, love, excitement and devotion to her path. We are thrilled to have her incredible talent, wisdom and extensive training as part of the REALgirl experience! For more information, please check out

Self-Defense Experts, IMPACT Personal Safety

REALgirl Experts
IMPACT Self-Defense is an international organization of women and men working together to end the cycle of violence. For decades, they have been training thousands of women, men and children in simple, effective self-defense and boundary-setting techniques that anyone can do regardless of size, strength, or age. Their students’ confidence and adrenaline management skills on the mat seep into all areas of their lives, enabling them to carry themselves with greater confidence, do better on tests, handle stressful meetings, and successfully manage family dramas and other life events where grace under pressure comes in handy. IMPACT is happy to help instill this confidence and contribute to inspiring greater self-esteem in REALgirl® participants through their introductory self-defense and boundary-setting training provided during REALgirl® workshops and camps.

Southern California Belly Dance Expert, Shams

REALgirl Experts
Shams grew up in Argentina, where she spent her early childhood studying various forms of dance from the age of 4. As a young girl, she and her father frequently dined at a Middle Eastern restaurant, where she became transfixed with the belly dancer who performed there. After a friend taught her more about the roots of belly dancing, she adopted the name “Shams” which means “Sun” in Arabic, and began to pursue belly dancing and performing as a career. She has since traveled the world as a professional dancer and entertainer, and has incorporated many new additions to her performances, including fire breathing and underwater performing. She is absolutely dedicated to the mission of reconnecting women and girls to their bodies, teaching them why they should respect the sanctuary of their bodies, and showing them the powerful meaning of being a woman through the ancient practice of belly dance. We are very excited to have her passion and experience as a wonderful addition to REALgirl®.

Southern California Nutrition Expert, Laura Lee

REALgirl ExpertsLaura Lee CHHC, AADP, is a speaker, girls workshop leader and founder of She’s the creator of popular programs like Nourish Grow Bloom & the Soul Sessions companion program for women which teaches & empowers women to become more of who they truly are in their own lives and bringing that into the community that they live in.

Laura is on a mission to help girls gain confidence in themselves and nourish their whole being without get sidelined defining their worth by what the world says, believing they’re not good enough, and getting stuck in perfection.

Southern California Yoga Expert, Devyn Rush

REALgirl Experts
Devyn Rush is a 2011 graduate of YogaWorks 200-hour Yoga teacher training and Kripalu Institute’s Trauma-Sensitive Yoga teacher training. She fell in love with yoga when she was 19 and hasn’t looked back. As a kid, Devyn was bullied a lot in school and had a hard time with her self-confidence. But fitness – and yoga, in particular – has helped her to be kind to herself and feel strong in her body. Devyn’s passion for yoga has been nurtured through her own practice and by guiding her students to accept, appreciate, and love their bodies and their minds. She is honored to have the opportunity to teach young girls about body awareness and self-love. Devyn is also a professional singer and travels around the country to perform at schools, on behalf of the bully prevention organization, Hey U.G.L.Y. (Unique.Gifted.Lovable.You.) For more information, check out

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